Our Parish History

                          Originally built as a shrine in memory of Charles Linder Pope who had drowned nearby at the young age of 17, by his parents, Colonel Albert A. and Abby Pope, it was called the Pope Memorial Church in 1900. Several denominations have called this their church over the last 119 years.  In 1980 this beautiful building became our beloved Panagia. Hundreds of families have celebrated life’s most momentous events within its walls, some with joy and some with sadness. Churches are sanctuaries from the hustle and bustle we call life. We are so “busy” that we often don’t have much time to decompress, to reflect and to honor God the way that we should. This safe-haven lets us feed our souls and become new again. We reconnect with who we are meant to be in all of our glory. 

  Maybe you’ve driven by, admiring the Richardsonian architecture, or the picturesque location, right along Straits Pond. It’s a blessing that parishioners here can often feel the ocean breeze through the open windows in the summer months or watch the swans peacefully swim by in the middle of a service, witnessing God’s glory while simultaneously praying for His earthly blessings. 

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