We are currently working on renovating our historic church which was built in 1900. As we restore and update the main building we are raising fund to add a community center. If you would like more information about our plans or you would like to make a donation please contact us today! 


Building and Grounds Report to the General Assembly 11-15-2020

As you undoubtedly know, our restoration work on our church is complete.
Restoration Work Included:
  •      Extensive repair of our bell tower, especially the internal support structure.
  •      Some roof repair around the bell tower.
  •      New gutters & drain pipes.
  •      Mortar work- better than 70% complete, including all of the real bad areas on north & east faces and the entire bell tower structure.
  •      Erosion of foundation - drainage work on the east side of the church including stone fill and a 
  •      cement barrier at  the base of the building to prevent erosion from occurring.
  • Church window project. Extensive repair of our stained glass as well as our regular windows.
  • Upgraded our grounds. Shrubbery work.
  • Altars repairs - Plaster and icon restoration work.
  • Narthex repairs & painting.
  • Sanctuary ceiling repair - Eliminate " calcimine bleeds".
  • Gazebo - Replaced the rotted roof.
  • Remedial work in the cellar of the church - thoroughly cleaned the walls & floor. Removed some mold & asbestos. Shored up the main electrical panel. Applied a microbial spray to walls & floor.
  • Connected the church to town sewer line as requested by the town.
  • Additional mortar work on east and north sides of the church.
  • Future Agenda:
  •      Carpet/flooring in the sanctuary, solea, alter.
  •      Gazebo - pressure wash (carefully) & re-stain. (we have a volunteer).
  •      Gauge in Narthex entrance --- A "stat" for temperature & humidity inside the tower so we can         judge what might be going on up there & whether our new system for "control" is working.
  •      Roof repair - Some shingles blown off the bell tower (not easy - up high/staging necessary.)
Note: Our community has been immense in support of this work. Our church is in good shape. We have raised almost 1 million dollars in the last ten years. This does not even include smaller projects which our parishioners did themselves including bathroom & altar repairs.
There is no debt!

Ways to Donate

Mail a check to 

The Nativity Assumptions of the Virgin Mary 

811 Jerusalem Rd. 

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